Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oreo Muffin

Tired this recipe today using recipe from Hut of Cranberry .

You can create many different type by using this basic recipe.

Yes, indeeed it's soft & fluffy inside and it's not too sweet with these tiny Oreo.

It's quick & easy steps with the below few ingredients :-

Yields : 13 muffins


(A) 290g plain flour, 1 tbsp baking powder
(B) 230g caster sugar (I used 210g as i don't like it too sweet)
(C) 3 eggs, 120ml fresh milk, 200g of melted butter ( i used canola oil) & 1tsp vanilla essence
(D) Handful of tiny oreo biscuits

1. Preheat oven to 190deg.
2. Sieve ingred (A) into a big mixing bowl. Add in ingred (B), mix well.
3. Add in ingred (C) slowly, beat with a ballon whisk to combine ingred. Don't over mix.
4. Spoon no. (3) into paper-lined tart moulds till three-quarters full. Arrange on a baking tray.
Fill up full if you want a high dome.
5. Insert 2 Oreo into each muffin and then put in mid rack of the preheated oven to bake
for 20-25 mins . Cool on wire racks.

Japanese Rice roll (饭团)

I assume that my nieces are tired of eating porridge everyday so i made some Japanese rice rolls this morning for their lunch.
These 2 little mosters were overjoyed and keep rushing me to finish off to make this colour roll.
I used eggs , tuna & ham for the fillings and roll up with dried seaweed sheet. The roll was not wrapped tight enough and the fillings tends to drop out when bited. For yr information, this is the 1st time, i cooked Japanese rice, Perhap need to reduce alittle water to get firmer rice .
So here it goes, Quick & easy :- Japanese Green tea to go along with these rolls.
This also can be a quick snack for kids during school excursion or family picnic where this can be packed ahead.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lavender (薰衣草) Cookies

Yes, lavender cookies..i dare not try recipes that using lavender as many feedbacks that it taste like soap and a bit of bitterness aftertaste.

As it's said in this article whatscookingamererica, a little goes a long way, so decide to try this recipe by Fresh from the Oven.
The dough was a bit too wet after 30 mins of refrigeration so i addeded 1 tablespoon of flour and
put in the freezer for another 15 mins. Perhap i have added too much butter due to the guessimation of tablespoon.
I 've also cut down the amount of lavender to half and the result is too mild of smell and abit too sweet for me.
However, it's defintely a keeper for festival baking's gift