Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lavender (薰衣草) Cookies

Yes, lavender cookies..i dare not try recipes that using lavender as many feedbacks that it taste like soap and a bit of bitterness aftertaste.

As it's said in this article whatscookingamererica, a little goes a long way, so decide to try this recipe by Fresh from the Oven.
The dough was a bit too wet after 30 mins of refrigeration so i addeded 1 tablespoon of flour and
put in the freezer for another 15 mins. Perhap i have added too much butter due to the guessimation of tablespoon.
I 've also cut down the amount of lavender to half and the result is too mild of smell and abit too sweet for me.
However, it's defintely a keeper for festival baking's gift

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