Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blueberry Wholemeal bun

Luckily enough to grab the 'crab' brand yeast from Toa Payoh NTUC ( next to court)..i have been searching everywhere for it ..NTUC , cold storage, etc. and it's always out of stock. Cousin Gina said that this brand is more stable in bread raising so planned to made sweet bun today.
BUT i found that my bread flour has finished, so went to get it from nearby prime mart. Well, i'm not sure if it's due to Christmas or festive season, they are all OUT OF STOCK!!!! Alas..my mood down to the bottom...
In the end...ha..ha..i found a new packet of wheatmeal flour in my store room which i bought weeks ago from NTUC. Wholemeal is healther as high in fibre but can't use 100 % in recipe if you prefer softer bread. This Organic Wholemeal flour from Origin has finer texture than PH 's .
I used 30 % w.flour and 70% plain flour with blueberry filling for these buns.
As you can see these buns are light brown color due to the w.flour and the texture inside is fluffy and soft.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Strawberry cake & pizza

TG made these today..

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas cookie tree

Happaned to see Star cutter at Daiso the other day..so bought it as it's worth $ 2 only for a set of 6 with diferent sizes.. ...

Since so free this morning, so decided to use them for this christmas cookies tree. This is using the butter cookies recipe from this book called classic christmas Recipe bk . It's my birthday's present from sis in law.. Pardon me for this poor icing deco. as that it's my 1st try out by mixing icing suagr with coloring and lemon juice..

Also deco some cookies with extra icing left.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

'Rum' Balls

Made 'Rum ' Balls today using T. Goh 's recipe...1/2 recipe using 8inch round to make the chocolate sponge cake then mash to form balls and added butter cream, melted chocolate , rum essense plus 3 tbsp of Martell liquor . Finally coated with chocolate and walnut.. or icing suge.
They are unevenly shaped as the sponge mix is not easily handle and also the costing of chocolate. Remember to coat with silghtly warm chocolate which has the correct consistency.
Before shaping, the sponge mix has to be chilled in fridge for awhile for easy handing.

Best serve after freezing or 1~ 2 days later for better taste.
1/2 recipe can make 24 balls.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hello Kitty cake

This is the 1 st time that i had made a birthday cake using sponge base after attended several classes from the teacher . So i picked this Hello Kitty design which is my nieces ' favourites .

Ok..To do the creaming , it's a big "project". It's need some skills and practise to have a smooth surface especially sides. Frankly, it's not easy, it tooks me 1/2 hrs to do all the patches of covering here & there to cover the whole cake. STRESS as 2 pairs of eyes are watching me..ha..ha..my nieces can't wait to see the finished product.

It's messy job which you need patient too.

Ok..... teacher said that we must put thick cream in order to cover and cream smoothly and take control the layer evenly. Most of my classmates has same problem as mine..putting too little cream to avoid eating too much due to health consiouness.

For the outline of kitty face, used chocolate piping over the outline on transparent plastic and transferred to the cake and finished up by filling the colouring of the pic using coloured piping gels.

Finally, you can see from the pic. , not so bad for 1st timer like me..ya. At least , my neices are very happy to see this cake and keep pastering me to cut it.

Yam Mousse cake

TG made this cake using real Yam to make the filling. It's very light voiet colour and looks tempting.. Very Nice n sweet yam taste unlike those selling outside. But it need time for preparing ingred. esp Yam paste which required stream n mashing them to paste. This one is worth trying regardless of the tedious procedures..Nice cake need hard work..

Pandan Fudge Cake

This cake has nice pandan coconut taste using fresh Juice from pandan leave and also nice appetizing GREEN color ..Sometime, it's nice to try something different from traditional cream cake. It's best to serve after chilling in fridge.....

Rasin Bread

Chicken n Tuna Pie

TG made these flaky crust ..very cripy n buttery..creamy chicken filling..

Apple Pie

Different from Other recipes that i have tried, Teacher's recipe used molasses and uncook apple for the filling to preserved it's crushness and natural sweetness. I don't really like it as abit too starchy and dark brown in colour.. The crust is nice..it's from sweet dough pastry..I will try to use this crust recipe with my Pre- cooked apple filling next time.

Coffee Pudding cake

Beautiful and Interesting cake, checkers layers ....not so sweet and taste like agar has firm texture. This need cutting and slacking of cake layers to form the design. Amazingly, it's not as difficult as you think but need creativity in colours and layers arrangements. Can try using Pandan or Durian flavour pudding.


Prune cake, follow to chifffon mth, 1/2 recipe, 6 inch x 9 inch x 3 inch, less 20 gm sugar , add 1 tsp e.milk, lowthen mid rack, 160 for 50 mins.