Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home made Pau

Red Bean Pau

Char Siew Pau

Recent bakes on Pau,
I have always like to eat Pau especially when young.
My dad always buy dim sum when he got his wages and i like Pau the most..and my grandma also can made good Pau where she learnt it from her Old friend who run a Pau Shop in old days. Too bad, i did not get her recipe and she's gone now. I will always remember the taste ..Po Po.

Now, I wanted to do some home made ones and tried Zu's recipe.

Instead of Vegi, i used Char siew as it's easier to prepare.

It's fluffy & soft as what she said. It's similiar to those sell at Coffee shop.
I & my mum ate 2 at 1 Go when they're piping hot from the streamer.
It's the short cut recipe to those needs 3 or 7 days dough proofing.
This is defintely a keeper.

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