Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blueberry Wholemeal bun

Luckily enough to grab the 'crab' brand yeast from Toa Payoh NTUC ( next to court)..i have been searching everywhere for it ..NTUC , cold storage, etc. and it's always out of stock. Cousin Gina said that this brand is more stable in bread raising so planned to made sweet bun today.
BUT i found that my bread flour has finished, so went to get it from nearby prime mart. Well, i'm not sure if it's due to Christmas or festive season, they are all OUT OF STOCK!!!! Alas..my mood down to the bottom...
In the end...ha..ha..i found a new packet of wheatmeal flour in my store room which i bought weeks ago from NTUC. Wholemeal is healther as high in fibre but can't use 100 % in recipe if you prefer softer bread. This Organic Wholemeal flour from Origin has finer texture than PH 's .
I used 30 % w.flour and 70% plain flour with blueberry filling for these buns.
As you can see these buns are light brown color due to the w.flour and the texture inside is fluffy and soft.


Gina said...

The blueberry bread looks good. Still stay soft the next day? U use the tang method or normal method?
I made red bean paste bread on tues. It was a hit. All finished the next day. The paste was from the shop we went near Raffles Hotel. Forgotten the shop name.

AK said...

Shop named Sun Lik.. Mine was soft till next day but it's not light..made ~ 15 and all fnished at the end of the next day..