Thursday, December 20, 2007

'Rum' Balls

Made 'Rum ' Balls today using T. Goh 's recipe...1/2 recipe using 8inch round to make the chocolate sponge cake then mash to form balls and added butter cream, melted chocolate , rum essense plus 3 tbsp of Martell liquor . Finally coated with chocolate and walnut.. or icing suge.
They are unevenly shaped as the sponge mix is not easily handle and also the costing of chocolate. Remember to coat with silghtly warm chocolate which has the correct consistency.
Before shaping, the sponge mix has to be chilled in fridge for awhile for easy handing.

Best serve after freezing or 1~ 2 days later for better taste.
1/2 recipe can make 24 balls.

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