Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hello Kitty cake

This is the 1 st time that i had made a birthday cake using sponge base after attended several classes from the teacher . So i picked this Hello Kitty design which is my nieces ' favourites .

Ok..To do the creaming , it's a big "project". It's need some skills and practise to have a smooth surface especially sides. Frankly, it's not easy, it tooks me 1/2 hrs to do all the patches of covering here & there to cover the whole cake. STRESS as 2 pairs of eyes are watching nieces can't wait to see the finished product.

It's messy job which you need patient too.

Ok..... teacher said that we must put thick cream in order to cover and cream smoothly and take control the layer evenly. Most of my classmates has same problem as mine..putting too little cream to avoid eating too much due to health consiouness.

For the outline of kitty face, used chocolate piping over the outline on transparent plastic and transferred to the cake and finished up by filling the colouring of the pic using coloured piping gels.

Finally, you can see from the pic. , not so bad for 1st timer like me..ya. At least , my neices are very happy to see this cake and keep pastering me to cut it.

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